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Removable Inline Rattles

Glassic Lures is excited to offer one of it newest fishing advancements. Patented Inline Rattles that can be put on and removed and/or relocated without ever breaking your line or tying a knot.

Check out the Video

Apply inline rattle

Glassic Lures are patented real glass lead free lures that swim and wobble, with action and reflection never seen before in a lure. Great for catching fresh or saltwater gamefish.

  • Lead Free - Eco-Friendly to the enviroment
  • Black and Red needle point hooks
  • Weight - 1/4 that of lead, resulting in a slower fall to stay in the Strike Zone longer
  • Durable - These lures are "Solid Glass" and will withstand rocks, trees, etc...
  • Oval shape gives the lures a swimming action when retrieved, erratic darting action when jigged.

    All Backsliders and Glo-Bugs have a bio-glow paint that will last for hours. All it takes is sunlight or a flashlight to recharge them.

Backslider Series - 1/64 to 3/32 oz. All with glow paint that will last for hours.......

ONLY $1.59/ea.

Why Glass?....Weight

Glass weights less than half of lead. Glass are much larger in size compared to a lead or other type jig head. Far more "Bang for the Buck" so to speak. The picture shows the the sizes compared to a dime.

Most of our lures are used as swimming jigs. Glassic swim lures will stay in the strike zone longer and have a much slower fall than many other types of lures. Because of their design, they create their own swimming action and are fished slow. When you created a tugging of the line, the swimming action is incredible.


Contrary to what you might think, solid glass is very durable. It can withstand some of the hard surfaces you will ever encounter. Just check out this video!

Endless Variety of Designs, Styles, Colors

We haven't even started to scratch the surface of what we have to offer. Our glass lures offer something for every type of fish you will encounter.

shaky heads

These are just a few examples of the many swim lures, jig heads that we can make.

Glow jigs? We got them too.



Removable Sinkers? Yes, we have them. Easy on, Easy off. No other sinkers in the world are like these.

Check out the video. Click the image below. Opens in Youtube.

Apply inline sinkers


If you are looking for something other than lead and are don't want to spend the money on alternatives that are out there, we have what you are looking for.